About Us

Is a story really over when the page reads "the end"? Of course not

At Bookworms'English club, children are encouraged to expand their imagination and seek their own solutions to the challenges presented to them. The creative environment at the club motivates a child to find practical solutions to the problem of the BIG BAD WOLF by installing CCTVs and alarm system at the little pigs' houses. While another Child send a strongly worded message to the town mayor to remove the troll from under the bridge and rehabilitate him.

As the club, the children are given a supportive learing atmosphere to develop a holistic approach to the language, through story telling and structured activities. Every task is carefully designed to imitate to the real world where solutions are aften found through Teamwork and collaboration. Children thrive in a place where they are given the freedom to explore the strength of their own imagination & creativity and the Bookworms'English club is exactly that place.